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“Pop’s Take Us To The Top” 

The Story of how Father and Son hike, and Summit; Mt. Whitney, The highest Mountain Peak in the 48 contiguous states…A Lesson on: Ascending, Determination, Life, Setbacks, Recovery and  Relationships and Success……..


Whitney Summit 09/14/2016

About the Journey

The spirit of and metaphorical essence of this book was inspired by my son and I reconciling  our relationship through the sport of hiking and ultimate summiting of Mt. Whitney, at 14508 feet, the highest Mountain Peak in the contiguous 48 United States. This story offers hope to those whose life and relationships are in need of healing and repair and evidence that many times when we let it be, let it go, face ourselves and start to focus on the changes we need to make in our own lives, those around us will take notice.  This story also tells the journey faced by those in recovery and the impact that world has on relationships.  This book is also a how to on planning and preparation of what to take, what not to take, how to pack, what to pack and everything else that you need to know to hike a very difficult and challenging mountain trail.  The fact that over 30,000 people each year attempt to summit Whitney, with only 10,000 able to reach the summit peak attests to the odds not in the hiker’s favor and as this book will tell, a powerful reminder to my son and I.  That said, Mt. Whitney is a very doable hike and an unbelievable accomplishment and for me a Top 5 Life Time experience that changed my life forever.