Beginning ascent

The Batiquitos Lagoon trail which is maintained by the Batiquitos Lagoon Foundation  is an excellent trail to get the feel of a coastal hike while also experiencing varied terrain and plant life a lagoon offers.  There are 5 trailhead entrances to this hike, the main one being off of Gabbiano Way in Carlsbad, which also is where the Batiquitos Lagoon Foundation nature center is located.  However, I always chose to use the Bella Lago trail-head start which is located off of Batiquitos Drive.  I like this trail-head start because of its ascent through a wooded covered trail.

Although not overwhelming by any means this begining part of the trail does gets the blood pumping as you crest towards the lagoon as well as I-5 and a distane view of the Pacific Ocean.

The trail then dips down towards the main trail which borders the Loggon for the rest of this out and back hike.

Hiking the Lagoon

The trail is well kept, well marked and flat after your initial start.  One of my favorite offering’s of this trail is the gentle Ocean and Lagoon breeze that offers a natural air conditioner any time of year you do this hike.

View west to Lagoon and Pacific

This trail is fast,   so before you know it you are near the halfway point and physically about as far as you can go on this trail which travels east towards El Camino Real.

Halfway, 2 mile mark

On the return of the hike I choose to pass the point where I joined the main trail from Bella Lago and continue  on to the Foundation Nature Center and the Gabbiano Lane trailhead.  This added about a half mile to the hike and after I made the return back to the trail that leads back to the Bella Lago trailhead start the total out and back distance to this hike was 4 miles.



This is an energetic scenic hike that offers great views, a coastal feel and a good hike to keep the legs in shape!


Distance:  4 miles out and back

Hike Date and Time:  Wednesday August 1, 10AM-11:25AM

Hike-ability:  Easy

Water:  25 oz.  

Snack:  Orange

Temperature:  70’s