Hiker Therapy for Recovery

Regarding addiction, hiking therapy is very conducive to addiction recovery.  Nature provides the best environment to soothe the soul and spirit, while the hike offers the physical component which stimulates the body and the mind by releasing mood enhancing endorphins.  Add to this my skills as a trained counselor who can offer an active listening ear in a non-judgmental compassionate way makes Hiker Therapy a very rich holistic addiction and recovery treatment.


Family Disease

The world of addiction and recovery is unique onto no other in the emotions, feelings, anxieties, and relationship situations that are presented to family members and friends struggling with this debilitating disease. As a CCAPP certified addictions specialist I specialize in working with those who are affected by the addict or alcoholic. You don’t have to suffer; there is guidance and help in how to deal with this very destructive disease. Besides my counseling, whether on the trail or in the office, I can provide you with resources to help you deal with the unknowns and guide you in managing your peace of mind in the face of this disease.


Addiction and Recovery Resource

Hiking to ease Affects of Trauma and PTSD