DISTANCE:  5.36 mi  STEPS: 11,495  TIME:  3:10min, 1 hour break WATER: 2L FOOD: lunch and snacks  TRAILHEAD DIRECTIONS (google map) Torrey Pines State Beach parking lot, $15.00 to park or park along coast, walk to Beach steps head south. RESTROOMS:  Yes this is a state park, so clean and numerous bathrooms at parking lot.


Torrey Pines State Beach to Blacks Beach Hike: Hiker Therapy

For a change of pace kinda hike, and one that is cooled by Ocean breezes, the Torrey Pines State beach to Black’s Beach trail is a refreshing change to the usually hiked trails of the mountains, hills and more traditional hikes in our county. I’m someone, who for most part, does not hike coastal, mainly the mountains, but due to recent hot tempatures inland I choose this 5 mile plus round trip “trail’ as an alternate excellent adventure.  After parking along coast or in the State park lot, trailhead starts at beach steps which leads to the sand. The hike south is pretty much straight, uneventful and all beach rocks and sand, and provides incredible ocean views to the right and the high sculpted cliffs of Torrey Pines to the left. The rocky shoreline adds to the beauty of this trail. The 2.25 mile hike south took me 46 minutes to get to Black’s Beach. You will know you are at Black’s beach by the overhead Hang Gliders, and Black’s famous or infamous designation as a clothing optional nude beach.

Hang Glider Torrey Pines

If you are comfortable with Black’s being a nude Beach, this beach is one of the most, if  not the most gorgeous scenic beach’s we have along the San Diego Coastline.  This is a good spot to stop, have lunch and cool off in the Ocean.  Also, just by strolling up and down the beach once adds a half mile or so to your STEPS if you are looking to add to you count.  An interesting added challenge to this hike is on the way back you may be wrestling, literally, with the high tides as they sweep back in.  Due to the tides the shoreline does shrink considerably but the adventure and challenge of getting through the waves made this an even more fulfilling hike for me and except for a few

Torrey Pines Hike

“rough” spots it is quite manageable.  The 2 miles back goes pretty quick, and the variance of the  rocky shoreline and “trail”offers enough diversity to make this 4 mile plus hike a rich change of pace to the more traditional hiked trails we have in out county.  

Absolutely enjoyed this hike, and as always, any hike I do gives me a sense of accomplishment, offers a uniques challenge and is a physical and mentally theraputic way for me to connect to nature and myself.  Being near water only adds to this the experience

As always, hike with a partner, respect your limits respect your partner’s limits, take more water than you need and have fun!

Blacks Beach Hike

Black’s Nude Beach Hiker Therapy